Fabric cushion castle shape

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100% fabric cushion

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Very soft castle-shaped cushion. It has a double face. On the front it is made with a white and navy blue striped pattern, a red door with small white stars and two windows with other patterns. On the back the fabric is red with white polka dots.


It is perfect to decorate the room, to put on the bed, to decorate a bookcase, for the reading sofa, to decorate and make a chair more comfortable, to hug or to play by making the imagination of the little ones of the house fly.


Its measurements are: 32 centimeters long by 26 centimeters wide.


It is not removable.


It can be machine washed with a delicate program.


Do not use the dryer.


We hope you like it, we have done it with the heart.


Additional Information

100% cotton
inside filling 100% polyester


26×32 cm.


In front: white and navy blue stripes
back side: red with white moles.

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