Dragon sandwich wrap

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reusable, adjustable and washable sandwich holder

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Say goodbye to foil and plastic bags with this practical, reusable, washable wrapper for sandwiches, cookies and fruit.


It is ideal because, being waterproof inside, it does not stain and can be carried without problems in one of our cloth bags or inside the backpack to go to kindergarten and school or into excursion backpack. Once used, you can fold it, stored and weighs nothing.


We have made it very fun and colourful so that children and adults alike will love it. It is made with three layers. The outer layer is a cotton fabric printed with colourful gragons. It has two inner layers, the first one is also a green cotton fabric with white squares and the second layer, the one that touches the food, is made of EVA, an ecological and PVC free food material (it complies with the UNE EN 1186-5 food regulation).


Through the easy orange Velcro closure system, it adapts and adjusts to different sizes and shapes. It also serves to use it as a tablecloth at mealtime.


When open it is 53 centimetres long and 33 centimetres wide. The maximum measurement once closed is 27 centimetres long by 12 wide, a perfect size for the whole family to use.


The sandwich wrapper is easily cleaned by wiping the inside with a damp cloth. It can also be washed in the washing machine at a temperature of 30º. Do not tumble dry and never iron on the inside. When ironing on the outside, be careful with the Velcro.


We hope you like it and above all that you enjoy it, we have done it with all our love.

Additional Information

100% cotton
inside: EVA ( PVC free)


33 x 53 cm.


grey, green and orange

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